The Sharks are here!

Soul to the earth and the Sharks are here.
But if we don’t act now then the end is near.

They’re the life of the oceans deep and blue,
I had a sad dream that I fear will come true:

Longlines hook, then drag and drown,
while cartilage is sliced without a frown.

Numbers are less than they were before;
finless bodies washing upon the shore.

Money is made and soup is eaten;
Ignorance is not easily beaten.

If we stand up for these beautiful creatures
and respect what the ocean can teach us;

Then we could live without any fear,
Thankful that Sharks are still here!

-Krystal Keynes

Humpback Whales, Manta Rays and of course the magnificent Whale Shark!

Ningaloo Reef and the North West town of Exmouth are in full swing with this weekend's upcoming 'Whale Shark Festival'. The streets are lined with flags, the caravan parks are filling up and car parks are increasingly difficult to find at either of Exmouth's two IGA's. Not only is the town buzzing at this time of the year, the ocean is also more alive than ever. The last couple of weeks have seen the first sightings of the much anticipated Humpback Whales who are taking part in the largest Humpback Whale migration in the world! Each year an estimated 30+ thousand whales make their way from their feeding grounds in the nutrient rich Antarctic waters to the warmth of their breeding grounds in the Kimberly region of Northern West. Australia. In addition, Ningaloo is blessed with regular feeding aggregations of Manta Rays at the back of the reef, where you can often see the spectacular underwater limestone ridges and coral gardens on the ocean floor. While swimming with these magnificent creatures one must marvel at the grace and elegance with which these creatures move through the water. Other daily and weekly sightings include turtles, dugongs, dolphins, hundreds of species of fish, sea snakes and even on the lucky days we are blessed with a sighting of a great hammerhead or a tiger shark. Keeping you up-to-date from Ningaloo. KV

Welcome to Krystal Vision for Whale Shark season 2012

Welcome to Krystal Vision. This is the season to celebrate the biggest fish in the ocean. Well, the biggest shark that is; the Whale Shark! Each year around March-August, the world heritage listed Ningaloo Reef sees one of the world's largest and most consistent aggregation of one of the world's most mysterious marine creatures; the Whale Sharks. Krystal Vision has a large focus towards photographing and filming these magnificent sharks on board the Eco Tourism boats that offer the unique experience of swimming with a Whale Shark. For more information about filming and photography services for individuals or business click here