Krystal Vision is a photography and filming business specialising in Marine and underwater environments. The business was established in January 2011 with the aim of sharing the unique Ningaloo Marine Park with the visitors that come to the area. Ningaloo is home to a vast array of marine life including the magnificent Whale Shark!

During the ‘Whale Shark Season’ (approximately March-July/August), Krystal Vision crew spend their days filming and photographing these magnificent sharks for guests on board the tour boats that operate out of Exmouth, Western Australia. If you have ever dreamed of swimming with the biggest fish in the ocean, Exmouth is definitely the place to do it! Boasting one of the largest, most consistent and most easily accessible Whale Shark aggregations in the world, Exmouth welcomes thousands of visitors each year to experience some of Ningaloo’s best.

To find out more about Whale Shark tours, marine photography and videography please contact Krystal Vision.